Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Where are the women in advertising?

One thing I noticed at Cannes was that there were far more many guys than there were women.
There must have been like 7 males per female at Cannes, or more. If you are a woman and you go there to get laid, the news could not be more wonderful (just try finding someone sober enough).
And if you're not looking to get laid, the attention and the flirtation are still great. There are hordes of marauding males whose faces are screaming to get laid. The later the hour, the more desperate the quest. Which is fine by me. The more, the merrier.
At the opening party, a first in my lifetime of public restroom usage: the queue for the restrooms was much longer and far slower on the male side. By far. This could not be attributed to the fact that women who work in advertising are fast urinators, or that all the guys happened to be doing drugs at the time.
The reason for the miraculous bathroom line is that advertising, or at least the creative side of it, is almost all exclusively male. We all knew that, but it is quite something to actually behold the physical proof all under one roof, so to speak. Mostly male creative directors, not one female film director in the New Directors Showcase; males, males, and more males picking up Lions.
The NY Times reports today that Omnicom is creating G23, an agency run by women, with women in mind. Cool. Give me a job.
But it would be cooler if women were not a niche. We are the other side of human, not the lower side, or the more misunderstood side, or the less talented or less intelligent side, or the side that works the same but gets paid less. Why are these things still happening?

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