Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th?

Lots to kvetch about this 4th of July:
The economy
Bush is still there
It's depressing really.

I don't own a car because I live in New York City. I think it was about time that Americans started feeling the pain about their energy waste. There is no other country on Earth that wastes more energy with more gusto than the US. Maybe it won't kill people here to take a train or use a bike or walk somewhere.
If this means the death of the SUV, it will be cause for celebration. GM is trading like at $6 a share. It is not Toyota's fault. American car companies behave like dinosaurs and they make cars that look like dinosaurs.
But the rising gas prices affect me too. Everything is more expensive.
This is Summer in NYC. Unless I am literally wilting, I do not turn my air conditioner on just because it is Summer. I live with the heat, which is rather nice, unless it is impossible.
People really need to start revising their trigger happiness for electrical switches.

The fireworks were nice in the rain.

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