Friday, August 08, 2008

Cuerpo de Tamal Fetish

My ever inquisitive friend Mimosa has alerted me to this blog, the product of a sick, albeit funny, mind. There is someone out there who has a fetish for what we in Mexico call "cuerpo de tamal", tamal-shaped body (you know, square and chubby); and he in gringo calls Mexican Muffin Top.
We also call it, endearingly, "cinturita de boiler", which translates as boiler-shaped little waist. As you can see in the example above, which I lifted from the blog in question.
Now, Mimosa thinks the fetishist isn't Latino, which may very well be since he says relatively offensive things, and I quote:
"These women have a combination of bad genetics, bad nutrition, and bad fashion sense that feels so good to me. This site is a tribute to these wonderfully "bad" women.
I have to agree with the bad fashion sense. If the nutrition is bad, however, I can assure you it is more because of our penchant for sugary carbonated soft drinks and American style junk food, than because of any of our indigenous culinary marvels.
Given his correct peppering of Spanish terms, he could also be a Latino himself, maybe one with less "bad genes", poking fun at the women of la raza.
In any case, whether he is a racist pig or not, he sounds like he is truly smitten.

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