Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mexico's Gift to Mankind

Forget about Frida Kahlo, the margarita, or the mariachi band.
The torta, the deity of sandwiches. The non plus ultra. And now my compatriots have broken the world's record (or rather their own record) with the longest, biggest torta ever created. I do not much care for bigness, since the concept of the torta is not quantity but quality, the layering of textures and flavors.
But watch the ingredients. Mayo, avocado, refried beans, ham or roast pork, cheese and jalapeños.
Could be roast chicken with mole, could be breaded cutlet, steak, eggs and chorizo... In thin layers.
Behold the third cut from the start. It seems to me that that is the winning segment; daintily scooped up avocado with what looks like puerco adobado. Yum.
The fun part about this torta is that each team assembled it according to their ancient torta wisdom.
And the other super fun thing is that it looks like no sooner had they finished building it, they started tearing into it and giving it to the folks to try.
The BBC mistakenly of course, calls the bread a baguette. It's not a baguette, it's a giant telera.
I'm still waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

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