Monday, August 25, 2008

Joshua Tree National Park

The backyard of the magnificent animal picutred above is a place you need to see in your lifetime. It is like being in another planet. It is so beautiful, not even the best photographs can convey what you see with your naked eye. I love the desert.
But if you come in August, make sure you listen to the Park Rangers and bring a gallon of water for yourself. We had two measly bottles of Evian (we travel in style, dears) and they lasted for about five minutes. I now know what it feels like to be Lawrence of Arabia.
Also, bring a hat. Being from NY, we thought we might be able to find a deli inside the park where we could buy more water and cheetos, if we saw fit. No such thing at a National Park. At 1 pm in the afternoon, as we were visiting the Cholla Cactus Garden (see above), I thought that one more minute under the sun and I would become mousse. It was about 106.

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