Friday, August 22, 2008

The United States of Litigation

Guys, we seriously need to talk.
At LaGuardia airport, at Au Bon Pain, I buy something that is labeled "Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice".
In my poor little benighted mind, this is associated with good health and sunshine and a good morning to one and all.
However, below the title some fine print explains that I should be aware that consuming this unpasteurized product can be harmful to my health as it may contain bacteria, etc, etc. Which is to say, in human language we can all understand, that the corporation will not be blamed and or sued if I get the runs after drinking a freaking glass of ORANGE JUICE.
You know what, maybe in Calcutta you drink orange juice in the street, you die. At Au Bon Pain? WTF?
In the name of god, if even orange juice has now been tainted by corporate insanity, nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing.
This is similar to my complaint about All Points West. And to the fact that in the US individuals have abdicated their own personal responsibility and adulthood (without a peep) to corporations and the government. We might as well all wear Depends.
Go to a beach, everything is prohibited. Go to have lunch al fresco, this is what you find:

What would the Founding Fathers say? What happened to the land of opportunity? To the cradle of individualism? Mind you, if this hysterical worry about everything we breath and ingest was a genuine health concern, we would all have medical insurance by now. This is simply fear of litigation. Fear of losing money. A pox on all of you, evildoers. May you rot in hell.

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