Thursday, August 14, 2008

I eat as much as Michael Phelps


Here's a sample Phelps menu:

Breakfast: 3 fried egg sandwiches, 2 cups coffee, 5-egg omlette, bowl of grits, 3 pieces of french toast, 3 chocolate chip pancakes.
I think the 5-egg omelette is an exaggeration.

Lunch: 1 pound pasta, 2 ham and cheese sandwiches, energy drink (1,000 calorie)
Me, after one pound of pasta I could eat another pound of pasta. Screw the ham and cheese.

Dinner: 1 pound pasta, 1 large pizza, energy drink (1,000 calorie)

But, does he snack?
Also, he needs to diversify his diet. He needs to eat more ethnic foods. His menu seems very boring. Why have pizza after pasta? Better have suckling pig after pasta. And then dessert.

Because I am terribly competitive, this is what I had yesterday for dinner at the astounding Great NY Noodletown, Temple of Infinite Happiness:

Half roast duck
Salt baked calamari
Salt baked whitefish
Pea Shoots with garlic
2 platters of thin noodles with roast pork

I shared with my friends, but I could have had the same meal all over again. And I ate more than anyone at the table. That's because I am the Olympic champion of Eating Chinese Food.

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