Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My usual Olympic rant

When you come from a country, like Mexico, in which winning a medal is almost a miracle, said country's coverage of the Olympic games is always about everybody else, more than it is about the home team. The home team gets the love and the national pride, but everybody else, from the superpowers to the most unlikely contenders, get the admiration and the curiosity. And yes, the love too. It truly seems a world event.
Turn your dial to NBC and you'd think there are only three colors in the spectrum and only one team in the world. There is no coverage of anything or anybody that is not the USA. And boy is it overwrought and BORING. 
This, and I have said it before, is appalling. It is a perfect example of the solipsistic, isolationist nature of America today. The lack of interest and curiosity about the rest of the world is scary. 
Telemundo, the Hispanic channel owned by NBC, does show other countries and other events that are of interest to Latinos. It's worth watching their coverage.
Mexico had the most beautiful coverage, always. They covered everything. I grew up watching everything from canoeing to waterpolo to Greco-roman wrestling, badminton, weight lifting, everything. I remember seeing athletes from all over the world, not Michael Phelps over and over and over and over and over and over and over...

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