Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16 Tons

According to NPR, the average American woman is a size 14. In which case, I am Kate Moss. In which case, I'm anorexic, hovering around size 6 or 8 depending on whether I'm fressing ravenously, or just desperately.
This average size 14 may be true outside NYC, where the average size of women around me seems to be 4-6. I used to fit into size 4. Ah, those were the days...
But the sample clothes that models wear in the runways are size 0 or 00 (there is such a thing). Nobody else will fit in those clothes. That's why they look emaciated. They are close to starvation.  If you saw them in Africa, you would send the UN to help them.
I remember the time when size zero did not exist.
Fashion stubbornly clings to this impossible, dangerous, and disgusting body type, despite the fact that every time I walk into The Gap, or other purveyors of generic wearable clothes, the sizes keep getting bigger. I can assure you, a size 6 in The Gap is what an 8 used to be. It's like food portions, the bigger the portion, the more you eat; the bigger the clothes, the more compelled you feel to fill them in.
Americans are ballooning (and thanks to transnational American junk food, other nationalities are too, with growing rates of diabetes and obesity), yet American fashion keeps shrinking models, giving them eating disorders, and making them look like concentration camp inmates. Anna Wintour and those fashion bitches should be arrested for the damage they do to women.
Why would anybody want to make us look like toothpicks? Why would anybody try to take the sensual pleasure of eating away from us?
Mind you, obesity is just as disturbing and just as unhealthy.
So this is the point of this confusing post:
Rail thin = disgusting
Obese = disgusting
Somewhere in between, depending on our height and body type, we should be happy and healthy and sexy and feeling good about ourselves without either starving or stuffing ourselves to death.

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