Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Let me Vent

How does this country infuriate me? Let me count the ways:

1. The fucking bankers (sorry, Joe!) don't like that Obama wants to regulate them so that they won't be able to destroy the American people again, so now they are withholding their contributions to Democratic coffers, and giving money to Republicans. Even those who have been traditionally Democrat and are friends with Obama are behaving like spoiled brats in a sandbox. Have these people no sense of civic responsibility? Have they no integrity? Have they no principles? Is their greed so monstrous that it overrides common sense and decency?
Enough with the rhetorical questions.
Yet who can blame them when our own Supreme Court decides that corporations are as moody and petty as humans and have the right to give unlimited money to candidates that will henceforth and forever suck their dick, thereby destroying democracy as we know it?
2. I was reading the always excellent Jane Mayer about Justice Department chief Eric Holder in The New Yorker and how the Republicans and right wingers are opposing his wanting to try Sheik Khalid Muhammad in a civil court, and everybody is doing their utmost to thwart him, which is way beyond the pale.
Nobody said anything as Satan and Bush ran roughshod over the laws of this country and now they are all but accusing Holder of treason. The article makes the argument that trials in military court are problematic because of little details like torture and illegal proceedings that were legally challenged in some cases all the way up to the Supreme Court. Not only that, but some of those accused terrorists are out scot free, whereas the ones tried according to the laws of this country were given stiffer sentences and are festering in jail. But the opposition wants to destroy this guy for upholding the laws and principles that guarantee that we are not yet a benighted country like Iran.  Feels like we are getting there fast.
3. I have a nagging feeling that the Obama administration, with all its blunders, which are many, is not allowed to govern the way that former incompetent and malevolent administrations were allowed to govern. And call me crazy, but I think it has to do with white shit. To me, the subtext is: yeah you won the election but don't think for a minute we're not going to make your life a living hell if you actually try to rule. With the pretext of partisanship or patriotism or whatever, we are going to undermine you and show you that we actually cannot stop mistrusting and second-guessing you and deep inside we resent that you are ruling us and we're gonna show you who's boss. Call me crazy.
4. Problem is, the administration does not help matters by playing dirty, petty politics and behaving as if they were still campaigning instead of governing. All those supposedly brilliant people like Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod and the bunch, they need to start fucking governing this country, not letting the unspeakable leeches of Congress hold this country hostage to their pathetic posturing that doesn't fool anyone. Whores, one and all.
5. That Sarah Palin is classy enough to write a cheat sheet in the palm of her hand is proof of the debasement of standards and the general moronization of this country. I'm sure that her fans think this is endearing, the same old aw shucks shtick that they swallow because they are just as ignorant and vulgar as her.
This reminds me of the time I spent in Killeen, Texas, staying in a hotel near Fort Hood, where I was shooting a commercial for the Army. This hotel did not have a kitchen but it had a dining room (?) and a waitress would take your order and then phone it in for delivery. The first morning we come down for breakfast, we start giving her the order and she has no pen or paper to write it down. She borrows a pen from one of us and proceeds to write the orders on her naked palm. We were flabbergasted. This is the same woman that when I told her I was from Mexico, she told me she had been once in Albuquerque. This kind of hillbilly, illiterate behavior is barely excusable in a regular person who happens to live in the richest, most powerful country on Earth, let alone a crazy ho some people think should run for president.
But if Palin ends up winning, and to judge by the Tea Party nutjobs, and the proverbial incompetence and stupidity of the Democratic party this is entirely possible, this country will completely deserve her. And I hope we get 8 years of her, see if we learn the lesson that ignorance and stupidity are not badges of honor.

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