Monday, February 15, 2010

Texas can kiss my ass

Read this article on the Christian right trying to influence the Texas Board of Education, the most influential in the country, and be ready to tear your hair out.
A fundamentalist Christian dentist and an insurance salesman are deciding the kind of changes that will get put into textbooks in this increasingly idiotic country. And the spineless publishers just want to make it on the lists of the boards of ed, because there is nothing more sacred to them than business. So they comply.

It turns out that this is a Christian nation founded on Biblical values. Who knew? 
Forgive my ignorance, but I thought it was a secular nation, founded on humanistic and enlightenment values, with a solid separation of church and state, which is absolutely essential to the wellbeing of democracy and the mental health of the citizenry.
But what do I know? I only came here thinking that it was a forward looking, progress embracing democracy, not a theocracy waiting to happen.
We are behind in science, we are behind in learning, but we are way ahead in reality shows and human abominations like Sarah Palin; soon we will all be ruled by the American Taliban, because of the levels of bureaucratic and political absurdity we tolerate. And because, let's face it, liberals don't know how to put up a fight. They are too busy worrying about who feels offended (something the other camp is completely cavalier about).
These people will not be happy unless they achieve total mind control (as fundamentalist religion is wont to do. It is nothing but fascism).
Stop being respectful of religious people who are not respectful of you.
Stop thinking they have some sort of dispensation to run over your basic rights and to impose their stupid ideas on your children. Their faith is worthless to anyone but them. But their politicking is extremely dangerous.
Don't come whining to me when you open an American textbook and it says the world was created in 7 days and you wake up one morning and you are living in Iran.

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