Friday, February 26, 2010

My Olympic Commentary

I watched the skating on the internet because I canceled cable and now I can't even see regular channels. When did I become an old lady?
Here's my take on the figure skating (the only sport I saw, except for that awesome snowboarding dude who took the gold).

• Why don't they announce the music the skaters skate to? This drives me crazy. It takes nothing to write a super with the music info below the name of the skater. Educate the world while they are being Olympic couch potatoes! It would do a world of good.

• Here's my medal ceremony for the lady figure skaters:
Gold: Mao Asada (Japan). She is totally right to be pissed off. She is the first woman to do I don't know how many triple axles in Olympic history, does a magnificent program and gets second place, way too many points behind Yu Na Kim. She skated to the powerful Prelude in C Minor by Rachmaninoff, a gutsy piece of music. She was awesome.
Silver: Yu Na Kim (S. Korea). She is flawless and gorgeous, and perfect, but I find her very cold and I thought Asada's program was superior. She skated to Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F. Very cool.
Bronze: Mirai Nagasu (USA). This girl is going to be the shit four years from now, just you wait. She is amazing. She skated to music from Carmen, by Bizet. And with all due respect, skated far better than sentimental favorite Joannie Rochette from Canada who lost her mom 2 days before the competition. She skated well, and is very admirable, and chapeau to her, but she wasn't better than Nagasu.
So sue me.

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  1. Conchi11:58 AM

    Generally agree. But still felt Yu was a bit better despite the technical jumps. Yet as emotions as concerned, both Yu and Asada struck me a bit cold. I felt Mirai - the little 16 yr old was the best connected to the song and the choreography and the moment. She is going to be IT. TOTALLY.