Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Snow Effect

 1. New York is QUIET. In the Park it's even QUIETER (except for the lovely shrieks of joy of sledding kiddies).
2. People in the park say hi and smile at one another (in the city slush, not so much).
3. Central Park is too beautiful. Too spectacularly, gorgeously, magnificently, awesomely beautiful.

4. We ran into a fashion shoot wherein a model was wearing like 6 inch heel sandals with BARE feet. And a straw hat. And a Summer dress. Neither rain, nor hail, nor wind nor sleet, nor snow will prevent fashion from being ridiculously idiotic at all times. Her handlers were pretending to be concerned for the wellbeing of the model, but we know better. "Screw her frostbitten little toes, let's get the shot".
5. After walking in the snow, we were ravenous. And I feel like I've been tumbled around by an avalanche.

1 comment:

  1. Loved the Bethesda fountain and bow bridge pictures! And I agree on the idiotic fashion!