Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Why is Israel the only one expected to solve the problem?

Thanks to my friend Elliot for pointing me towards this interesting piece in the HuffPo.
I was reading in the New Yorker that Abu Dhabi just gave Dubai fuckzillions of dollars to fish it out from the horrible crisis it's in. It paid for the completion of the highest tower in the world, which is now named over one of Abu Dhabi's Emirs.
Imagine if these Arab states gave part of their money to help create a Palestinian infrastructure, jobs and education, and the de facto beginnings of a functioning state, or at least for a feasible, peaceful solution to the problem, instead of funding pointless ecological disasters like Dubai and, what's worse, terrorist groups who sow terror and destabilize not only the region but the entire world. Imagine that.
But everyone's too busy screaming bloody murder about Israel to notice that they are not at all interested in peace.
It is in their interest to help keep the Israeli occupation alive, and the Palestinians violent and oppressed so that their petty dictatorships, their lack of democracy, their shitty governments can be distracted by Israel.
Perhaps all the people who love to scream against Israel want to take a look at what Arab countries are doing to Palestinian citizens, like Jordan and Lebanon, and at what they are not doing for them.
If they were smart, and not hypocritical haters, the Arab states could realize that the best that could happen for all involved (i.e: the world) is to help fund a self-sufficient, peaceful Palestinian state, whether Israel likes it or not. What recourse would Israel have? None (provided they stopped wanting to throw the Jews into the sea). Economic development, potential prosperity, a peaceful coexistence between neighbors. It is entirely possible but is it Israel's sole responsibility? I don't think so.
Certainly, Israel needs to cooperate. It needs to stop expanding settlements. But as long as it remains the convenient scapegoat of these regimes, who also exploit Palestinian suffering for their own ends, it should not carry the entire burden.

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