Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Cheeky Nice Guy

Alright, so in order to lift our spirits today, here's the story of an Olympian who is not only thinking of endorsements, and if he is, he's smarter about it than anybody else. Joey Cheek, whose name sounds like he belongs in The Sopranos, is donating his $25,000 bonus for the poor people of Darfur in the Sudan because he won a gold medal. He's also going to ask his sponsors to donate too. Nice! Way to go, dude. I have nothing but praise for you. It makes your teammates look like solipsistic greedpots.
And since we're talking Winter Olympics, may I just say how much I hate the NBC sappy, overwrought coverage of both the Winter and the Summer games? Have they ever heard of other countries? They have to fashion inspiring stories out of where there aren't any, like that speedskater who had an epiphany while playing blackjack in Las Vegas and decided to switch from rollerblades to iceskates. Ooooh! I'm melting with inspiration.
And just to be an evil, bitter contrarian: if you throw your partner into the air, she attempts to do 4 impossible spins but crashes into the ice instead and takes 5 minutes recovering instead of the allowed 2, and you bravely continue your routine, to the understandable adoration of the crowd, that still is not a reason to win a silver medal. You fell, you took longer than the rules to recover. Why the medal? The skating judges are incomprehensible, whether the rules are new or old.

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