Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Putz and The Ports

Man, our President is really a danger to this country. He makes our trigger-happy Veep look tame by comparison. As the linked editorial in the NYT points out, the Putz Administration is keen on persecuting, torturing and illegally eavesdropping on individuals, in the name of "homeland security", but when it is about making business deals with oil-rich so called allies, they are ready to leave our ports (I live in such a one) in the hands of countries that at the very least deserve a very major security clearance. This is so outrageous that even guys like Bill Frist are tearing the hair on their mops about it.
You know, it wasn't a good idea to bring to office a guy whose entire family is fed and has made its fortune by and from Arab oil. The love affair the Bush dynasty has with unsavory, undemocratic oil tyrannies has brought nothing but grief to this country. There should be a statute of limitations as to how many Bushes can ruin this country in any given century, because let me remind you, there is still a Jeb out there with presidential aspirations.

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