Wednesday, February 08, 2006

USA vs MEX or Quien Es Mas Macho part II

As Cubans would say, coñooo! The Mexican government is in a tizzy because some Cubans who were participating in a suspicious energy conference organized by the U.S.-Cuba Trade Association (huh?), were expelled from the Sheraton in Mexico City over instructions from the US State Department, which bars any American interests from even tangentially intersecting with anything connected to the Old Bearded One, including his chomped cigar covered in rancid drool.
So out went the Cubans on the street and next thing you know, the Mexican government is ordering the Sheraton closed.
A veritable international incident of epic proportions.
What I love about the story, what makes it quintessentially Mexican, is that at first the hotel was closed allegedly because of building violations:
"Municipal inspectors who carried out a check of the hotel after the Cubans' expulsion found it had infringed local safety and licensing laws, district council head Virginia Jaramillo said on Wednesday. "I expect imminent closure of the hotel," said Jaramillo, of the left-wing Party of the Democratic Revolution... Jaramillo... said the hotel had carried out construction without permission and has two bars that were not licensed.."
All of Mexico City is a freaking safety and licensing violation, for crying out loud! The Foreign Ministry must have realized how rinky dink they looked letting the pathetic pinkos have their little revenge on behalf of La Revolución, and actually made it into a diplomatic tiff worthy of Remember the Alamo, by using the word sovereignity, and the phrase "foreign interference on Mexican soil". That, I agree, sounds much better than "the bars have no license".
I believe in this case the question is not who is más macho, but who is más estúpido. The idiots at the State Department for butting their nose where they are not invited or the Mexicans for being so ridiculous. As is traditional, also in hand were the classic idiots, (always the same idiots) burning the American flag and chanting commie slogans in front of the Sheraton, which is right next to the US Embassy, where they usually hold court, so they only had to transfer their lazy asses for half a city block.

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