Friday, February 10, 2006

The US is mas macho!

As a supersmart friend points out in a note written in Spanish, which I take the liberty of very loosely paraphrasing for the enlightenment of my dear readers, the pathetic, inexcusable Mexican lefties have no qualms about taking away the jobs of 500 hardworking Mexican employees of the Sheraton, in order to demonstrate their hysterical, shrill, absurd, infantile attachment to the Old Bearded One and their contempt for the US, (which, as is worth reminding them, is where many, many Mexicans prefer to live anyway, since here they can actually make a decent living).
Have the revolting, anachronistic, Mexican reds, who continue to behave as if the Berlin Wall is still standing, ever done anything to improve the lives of their own countrymen? Hell no, they're too busy worshipping the dictatorial asshole that is Fidel and doing their voodoo dances against the United States. That's all they do, all the time.
To wit, quoted from AP:
"Mexico City officials had said earlier the Hotel Maria Isabel Sheraton in Mexico City might be closed because an inspection purportedly unrelated to the Cuban incident revealed some obscure code violations, including THE ALLEGED LACK OF BRAILLE MENUS AT A HOTEL RESTAURANT...."
Peeps, this is Mexico in a nutshell for you. This is the surreal nightmare that the average Mexican citizen has to deal with every day. This is how Mexican politicians treat their own people. With nothing but contempt.
But then, the reds are not alone in their utter pointlessness. For all the chest-beating of the Mexican Foreign Ministry, it turns out that the Mexican government may close and fine the hotel, but they are not going to send an official diplomatic hissy fit to Washington bitching about the US intromission in Mexico's national affairs and initiate WWIV against the US. That will not be necessary. Easier to mess with Sheraton than to mess with the State Department, isn't it?
Not only are they cowards but they are stupid cowards.

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