Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Times is funny about Dick

What's in a headline? This one is so perfect, you'd think it belongs to The Onion. From the New York Times:
"Silence broken as Cheney points only to himself". BADABING!
Phew! I'm glad he ain't pointing at nobody else! And if he were, wouldn't it be nice for him to point at Bush? If you can confuse a 78 year-old old fart with a bird, you can certainly confuse a birdbrain with a bird. No?
Wouldn't it be nice, in fact, if Dick had indeed pointed only to himself. He'd done this nation a great favor.
Alas, it's only a figure of speech...
Hell, I didn't even want to get into the Cheney free for all. Too easy, too many commentators. And none better than the original segment on The Daily Show. But I could not resist. I detect a conspiracy, you see:
1. Chinese skating couple falls on their ass -- they get a silver medal.
2. US Vicepresident shoots a 78 year old man in the face APPARENTLY WITHOUT A WEAPONS PERMIT -- judge in Texas says he won't be charged.
Apparently, Evil lurks everywhere. The axis of weasel, indeed.

Memo to everybody:
Please stop using the word "covey". It makes me sick. All of a sudden, everybody pretends like it's a household word they use every day. Like they PEPPER their language with it every now and then, to use another suddenly fashionable verb. Like they SPRAY it around with utter nonchalance every other sentence as if they always knew what the hell it meant. We were all perfectly fine without the word "covey" in our lives up to this moment. I beg you to stop.

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