Friday, October 06, 2006

Automat is back!

Yesterday I'm walking on St. Marks Pl. and lo and behold, there is a brand new, shiny pink metallic, Japanese-looking, supercool automat! I'm very happy that we have an automat back in NYC. The last one was somewhere around Times Sq and it died a long, long time ago.

Some notes on our new Automat:
• There are Mexican guys behind our new automat. What did you think, the food cooks itself?
They were smiling and waving as I took pictures.

• The automat serves some nifty junk food at very good prices. We bought a perfectly decent grilled cheese sandwich for 2 buckaroos. It comes in four cute little triangles, perfect for a midnight snack. There is something called a chicken teriyaki burger, there is a mac and cheese rolled into some kind of deep fried cylinder, perfect for a midnight heartburn. There are hamburgers, but I don't know about them.

There are some modern modifications as well:

Yesterday there was also a homeless guy dancing to the disco music emanating from our updated Automat.

• You can also get an automat t-shirt for 10 bucks at the automat. Probably less fattening than the rest of the offerings.

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