Monday, October 02, 2006

One weird Saturday

Was spent by yours truly learning about cinematography at a seminar from the Cinematographers Union. I did not understand half the words they said, with their techno jargon, but it was fascinating and for 50 bucks, a bargain.
I will not attempt here to try to explain to you, my fellow non-cinematographers, what it is that these dudes do to make movies look great. They use a lot of lights, and a lot of toys and they play around a lot and then all that technical stuff I don't get is translated into beautiful, or ugly, or menacing, or romantic, or dramatic images on a screen. It is pretty awesome but I know for sure I don't want to be a DP. I can't do the math. But what I want to do is to direct.

The workshop was at the pretty impressive Steiner Studios at the Brooklyn Navy Yards. With views of New York I had not seen from that vantage point. Having been inspired by the workshop, I took some very amateurish pictures:

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