Monday, October 02, 2006

Never mind the Taliban

You can go to Frisco, Texas and you'll find similar attitudes. Puritanical imbecility is alive and well over there. In fact, so alive and well that an elementary school teacher got fired for taking her class to the Dallas Museum of Art, where they saw "nude sculptures". A parent complained, and soon the teacher was out of a job.

To add insult to injury:

The uproar has swamped Frisco school switchboards and prompted some Dallas-area television stations to broadcast images of statues from the museum with areas of the anatomy blacked out.

Once stupidity is unleashed, there is no stopping it.

Retracing her route this week through the museum’s European and contemporary galleries, Ms. McGee passed the marble torso of a Greek youth from a funerary relief, circa 330 B.C.; its label reads, “his nude body has the radiant purity of an athlete in his prime.” She passed sculptor Auguste Rodin’s tormented “Shade;” Aristide Maillol’s “Flora,” with her clingy sheer garment; and Jean Arp’s “Star in a Dream.”
All I can say is oy.

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