Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Red State Violence

Why is it that when some crazy bastard decides to go on a shooting rampage in a school, it usually happens in those states that are chock-full of God-fearing people? What's with Colorado? Pennsylvania? Are God fearing and firearm wielding mutually inclusive verbs?
Just asking.
I have never understood why bearing arms is a right. If it was up to me, nobody would have a right to bear an arm unless they were in the Army or the Police. Bearing an arm is not a right. If it is a choice, then it needs to be strongly curtailed in the civilian population, just like they try to do with smoking and trans fats. When you see this kind of incongruences (great initiatives to stop the fat and the smoke but not the guns), it's no wonder that people who do not live in America think we are all batshit crazy.
By the way, when I became a citizen, I recited the oath of allegiance, which among other things mentions that I will be ready to bear arms and defend this country if I'm asked to. Some people, like Jehova's Witnesses, are excused from this part of the oath because of their beliefs.
I had no objection with that part whatsoever, you give me an arm and I will easily find a target. But I did have a huge objection with the part that says: "So help me God".
What does God have to do with my citizenship? However, I was not allowed to object to this part of the oath under any circumstance. It's as if you are not allowed to be an atheist or an agnostic in this country and that drives me nuts.
So what I did was, I said "so help me Gortz".

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