Thursday, October 26, 2006

Party Poopers

There are two things that can kill a party. A bad dj and bouncers from hell. Both were in supply yesterday at some of the Boards Summit parties.
Entry to the Summit Closing Party at the Knitting Factory was a breeze. No nazi bouncers there, at least as I went in, early. However, the dj singlehandedly managed to keep everybody away from the dance floor by choosing music that seemed designed to alienate the very thought of dancing. Let's face it, you may like techno and trance and house all you want, but there is nothing better to make a room boogie than tried and true funk, or soul, or something with some human dna in it.
The party at Sugar, which I snuck into after being stopped by the pair of rudest, most obnoxious, awful, powertrip asshole bouncers since the guy who killed Imette St Guillen, benefited from a great dj, who, perish the thought, was actually pleasing the audience with songs one can dance to. And that party was smoking. However, the bouncers outside, whose behavior was close to what one expects from maximum security convicts, would not have the few people who were not on the list from enjoying the music. This despite the fact that there was ample room for more people inside the place. They used profanity, they screamed, they were close to assault. I understand you may not want crashers, but I think it is possible to have civilized bouncers at the door. So bottom line is: the company that threw that party spent a lot of money to benefit from the pr and create good faith. However, if the bouncers you hire remind you of Idi Amin or particularly rabid pit bulls, this may strongly undermine your best efforts to be liked.

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