Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just so I don't forget

And as a free service to my three New York readers, here is a list of places that are open late for dinner. I'm sure it has happened to you that you come out of somewhere after midnight and you are starving but when it's time to think of options, your mind draws a complete blank, no doubt fueled by your reckless consumption of alcohol, etc. So I think this list will come in handy. If I was smart, I'd print it out and keep it in my bag at all times. Or I'd memorize it.

This here list is courtesy of the New York Times:


DITCH PLAINS 29 Bedford Street (Downing Street); (212) 633-0202. Try the lobster roll.

LA ESQUINA 106 Kenmare Street (Cleveland Place); (646) 613-7100. The taqueria is open until 5 a.m. daily; the restaurant is open until 2 a.m., but the last reservation for the restaurant is at 11:30 p.m.

The sopa de tortilla at La Esquina is surprisingly good. So are the Quesadillas de Huitlacoche. Have a Jarrito de mandarina with it and you will feel blessed.

LANDMARC 179 West Broadway (Worth Street); (212) 343-3883. Try the hanger steak, bloody.

MARU 11 West 32nd Street; (212) 273-3413; open until 2 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday, 3 a.m. Thursday and 4 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

MOMOFUKU SSAM BAR 207 Second Avenue (13th Street); (212) 254-3500. Late-night menu from 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Try rice cakes with pork sauce, an Asian answer to pasta bolognese.

PASTIS 9 Ninth Avenue (Little West 12th Street); (212) 929-4844; Friday and Saturday until 2:45 a.m.

If I am not mistaken, the always reliable Odeon in Tribeca is also open late. We once were the last table and the Mexican staff brought out the boombox and asked us to dance.

SPOTTED PIG 314 West 11th Street (Greenwich Street); (212) 620-0393. Try the pickle plate if you’re nibbling, the burger for a bit more.


’INOTECA 98 Rivington Street (Ludlow Street); (212) 614-0473. Try the Italian tea sandwiches called tramezzini.

And at that hour you will finally be able to get a table! I had a very good potato leek soup in that place.

SAKE BAR HAGI 152 West 49th Street, lower level; (212) 764-8549.

SUSHI SEKI 1143 First Avenue (62nd Street); (212) 371-0238. Closed Saturdays and Sundays. Try the omakase, and eat whatever you’re served.

THOR 107 Rivington Street (Essex Street); (212) 796-8040. Open until 3 Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Try crispy cod sticks with malt vinegar foam.


BLUE RIBBON 97 Sullivan Street (Spring Street); (212) 274-0404. Try beef marrow and oxtail marmalade.

They also have Matzoh Ball soup, which may come in handy at 3 am. Blue Ribbon Bakery on Bedford St is also open late. They have the best French onion soup and a very good ceasar salad and excellent steak tartare.

EMPLOYEES ONLY 510 Hudson Street (Christopher Street); (212) 242-3021. Try the “Staff Meal,” a special that may be goulash one night and a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup the next.

FATTY CRAB 643 Hudson Street (Gansevoort Street); (212) 352-3590. Open until 4 Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Try watermelon pickle and crispy pork salad.

MAS (FARMHOUSE) 39 Downing Street (Bedford Street); (212) 255-1790. Try as much American hackleback caviar as you can afford.

NEW YORK NOODLETOWN 28½ Bowery (Bayard Street), (212) 349-0923. Open until 4 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, 5 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

This is the best place ever. Have the half roast duck. Have the fried soft shell crabs in season. Have any of their soups. Have their Singapore style noodles. It's a bit of a schlep to be in rat infested Chinatown so late but it's the best food you are going to have at that hour, and it's cheaper than the fancy schmancy places above.

RESTAURANT FORTE BADEN BADEN 28 West 32nd Street, second floor; (212) 714-2266. Open until 3 Monday through Thursday nights; to 4 Friday and Saturday nights; to 1 Sunday night. Try sautéed pig’s feet with vegetables.

FYI: I once had a whole bottle of soju somewhere in Koreatown.


SAM TALBOT’S PUSHCART Southeast corner of Stanton and Ludlow Streets, Lower East Side, 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Try the kalbi burger with kimchi.

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