Monday, October 02, 2006

Sounds like someone I know

Huge Headline: "Food is like a Drug for Some".
Run for cover, alert the media, open your mouths in wide amazement.

Of course it is. It is good, it feels good, it makes you fat, you want more. Do we need Brookhaven National Laboratories to confirm this? Apparently, we do.

They keep mentioning "the obese" in the article. But I kinda related to the description: you continue fressing long after there is any room left in your poor expanding gut. That sounds kind of like me.

"We wanted to know why, when people are already full, why people are still eating a lot," said Dr. Gene-Jack Wang of Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York.
Why? Because we're pigs, that's why. I love to eat. Yesterday, at Café Luxembourg, I had a wonderful onion soup (I'd go easier on the chewy cheese) and the best steak tartare (appetizer size) I've had in ages. Stoically, I refused to get the side order of fries. 'Cause I'm on a perpetual, inexistent, bogus diet that takes place only in the hemisphere of my brain connected to blatant fantasy.
But one of my companions had the steak and eggs with fries and I ate most of them, even the soggy ones at the very bottom of the cup, even when they were cold.
I am proud to report that I can forgo dessert, but it's mostly out of shame. It would really be too much already. Yesterday night, however, I was depressed because it was Yom Kippur so I had to go into Matamoros Grocery on Bedford Ave and eat some chicken sopes with salsa verde to remind me of home and then buy myself a bag of Pinguinos Marinela, which are the Mexican version of the Hostess CupCakes and they put the Hostess to shame. They are the only product I know that tastes better now than it did when I was a child. It is mindboggling to me. I also had to have half a Mandarina Jarrito. But I only ate one Pinguino. Because I restrain myself. Let's see what the scientists have to say about that.

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