Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bad Mexican

Alberto Gonzales is a bad Mexican (and a bad American). An ass kisser, a toady, a person unfit to hold the job he holds, which is only some form of payback from the idiot criminal who put him there. Jon Stewart showed a clip of Gonzales excusing himself by saying that he went through a lot to get where he was now, implying his Mexican origin, which is not only a lame ass excuse for the freaking US Attorney General, but so pathetically, grossly inappropriate, undignified and tacky I feel my fingers are stuck to the keyboard from so much tackiness. Revolting.
The appointee, looking like a deer caught in the headlines, emboldened by the example of the idiot bully who is his boss, can stand his ground, because only Bush can have him fired and of course no such thing is ever going to happen. Gonzales is abominable, but as you are probably tired of reading, he is there for a reason and it's the reason we should ultimately fault.

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