Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cool it

I'm the first champion of environmental responsibility. I have not driven a car in 15 years. I turn the lights off every time I leave a room and I think people who leave the air conditioning on while they are out all day should be put up against a wall and shot. But I'm getting sick of Al Gore and his shtick, and I'm getting sick of people like that asshole who lives in 5th Ave and is reducing his "carbon footprint" by not using toilet paper for a year. I would be delighted if he could reduce his footprint so much that he would stop existing.
In any case, Gore sounds like a broken record and like a schmuck even if what he is saying is true. And I'm afraid that people like him and Mrs. Larry David end up doing more harm than good to the cause because they appear to be fanatical and lunatic about the topic. Mrs. David, who gives a fuck, but Al was supposed to have been the prez and he just seems like a clown with a mission.
This country needs to understand in no uncertain terms that we are guilty of criminal waste of resources, that like the fat asses we are becoming, we also consume energy like a supersized Big Gulp. Our gluttony of energy is obscene, criminal and irresponsible. And measures need to be taken to save energy, but Gore saying in the Oscars that the Oscars are "green" is not going to convince anyone.
He seems like such a loser.

ps: you will notice, dear readers, as and if you scan to the more recent posts, that this Sunday's topic is losers. Everybody is a loser, except for moi. I guess Sundays bring out the worst in me. Enjoy.

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