Monday, March 19, 2007


As our increasingly retarded POTUS has the gall to ask for patience in Iraq, you can read a very disturbing article in the NYT magazine about the fallout for women soldiers in this hellish, civil war made in the USA.
It is not news that women in the military suffer constant sexual harassment and abuse. This should be punished with the most draconian measures and it usually isn't. But if this happens even in enemy territory in wartime, the damage is multiplied to the nth degree. Soldiers raping civilians is horrifying. Soldiers raping their peers is mindboggling. And yet it happens. All the time.
According to the article, this Iraq war has seen the number of women in combat grow exponentially. In this war there will be about 40,000 women performing combat duties, more than ever before. Many of them have started experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, not only because of what they've had to deal with on a par with their male counterparts, but because in many instances these army males abuse them, demean them and rape them on top of everything. And the Army, although it has tried to improve on the way it handles this matter, still hasn't found an effective way to prosecute and punish offenders, and worse, to prevent rape from happening at all. It is a disgrace.
Rape is a fact of war, as we now sadly know from barbaric acts committed in the name of ethnic cleansing in places like Bosnia, Darfur and Rwanda.
I am reading A Woman in Berlin, an anonymous diary of a Berlinese woman who captures the "liberation" of Germany by the Soviets at the end of WWII. The Soviets raped around 100,000 German women, many of them repeatedly, as revenge for the suffering inflicted on them by the Nazis. There will be a report coming soon on this fascinating book. In the meantime, all I can say is war seems to be a particularly male habit of destruction and reading this book you just lose all faith in humanity (if you happen to have any. I don't).
Rape is a form of deep humiliation and subjugation, and in war it is used to inflict damage on the male side of the population as well. As far as I'm concerned any rapist should be shot in the balls and left to bleed to death. But again, if rape happens between peers I can only imagine the bewilderment of the victims, who are sacrificing so much already, who are putting their lives at risk, who are sharing the experience with soldiers of their own country, only to be destroyed by them.
And what is it about men that they can't keep their cocks in order? Is it so terribly impossible not to force yourself into violent sex with an unwilling partner? Can't you use your fucking hand? Are you worse than an animal?
The article gingerly touches upon a reality of this particular war. Iraq is no Vietnam. That is, there are no local whores to be had by servicemen, no brothels, no women prostituting themselves for favors, like in other wars.
Maybe the Army should provide prostitutes (God knows we have plenty of them here at home) to service these randy assholes if they can't keep their dicks in. Draft some whores and have them do something useful for a change. Soldiers will be thrilled, whores will travel and get paid, female soldiers will hopefully be left alone. But the Army should protect its female soldiers from that kind of harm. It is not what they sign up for when they join.

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