Sunday, March 25, 2007

Land of the fat

Some "restaurants" like TGIF are doing "right size" portions with one third of the food because their gargantuan platters are way too obscene. I think it's great, even though you wouldn't catch me dead on one of those places. Apparently, it is a known fact in the restaurant business that people, for all they complain about fat and calories, don't want small portions; they want to pig out and waste food. They want a 42 oz bucket of soda. If you consume a 42 oz bucket of soda you are a pig and there is no justification for you. You deserve to be a fat ass slob.
This country's demise is going to be brought about by inertia and lardassness, perhaps before we are done in by WMD's. People are going to be too fat to stand up, too fat to talk and too fat to think.
Fat ass losers.

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