Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sue Ray Kelly's Ass

The New York Times reports today that the NYPD spied broadly on activist groups when the Republican Convention came to town.
I think we forgave Mayor Bloomberg too soon and too easy on that one. Those people should have never come here. Except for mayor Bloomberg, nobody wanted them in this town.
But what boggles the mind is that the NYPD spied on many activist groups, which to judge from the marches I attended, are for the most part a bunch of utterly inoffensive, anachronistic, quaint even, lefty loonies. Yet they were being spied upon as if they were actual terrorist threats.
It 's really fucking pathetic.
But this is what happens when more power is given to those who can wield it. Like the dog that scratches his balls, they'll abuse it simply because they can.
And talk about spying on the wrong people. Somehow it doesn't add up that the police used illegal surveillance tactics against people who had every right to disagree with the convention and every right to express that disagreement with for the most part, stupid asinine tactics, embarrassing slogans, and a lot of heartfelt enthusiasm. Not one of them could be seriously considered a threat, except to wit and good taste.
I hope these groups sue the NYPD's ass until it's sore and I hope they win.


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    You must forgive me, Grande, but I initially misread the title of this post as the ass of a Southern girl, Sue Ray Kelly . . .

  2. My dear whoever you are: you wish!
    Thanks for cracking me up today.