Friday, March 02, 2007

Push the button

In the US nobody even knows what it is, but in Europe the cheesy song contest Eurovision is a big deal. Countries compete, sending the cheesiest imaginable songs (if you know Europop, you can just imagine how cheesy). Well. now, because last year the contest was won by Dana International, an Israel transsexual, the contest takes place in Jerusalem this year. Yay! Everybody gets to have that feeling of impending doom while walking down the street in fear some idiot may blow himself up right in front of you. Feel the fear, mofos.
In any case, the ultra-orthodox are plotzing over Dana International greeting people in the old city of Jerusalem. Tough.
And the Israeli public overwhelmingly voted for a horrid song called "Push the Button", which basically deals with their collective fear of a nuclear attack by Iran.
I just wish the song was better, because it truly sucks. A song so ugly, it could only win as a massive riposte to Ahmadinejad. A song so ugly, they should use it for torturing people at Guantanamo. I'm sure the Israelis know it is an ugly-ass song, but they are making a statement to the world. What other country on Earth is being threatened by nuclear anihilation?
I've been reading David Mamet's polemical and just plain weird The Wicked Son, where he chastises assimilated Jews very authoritatively and humorlessly and I will get back to you with the book report as soon as I finish it. But he makes some quite interesting points at times about the hatred against Israel. At other times I find him as enigmatic and mysterious as the sphinx. But more on that, when I finish the book.
In the meantime, I hope Push the Button wins, even if it is probably the ugliest song ever written ande even if here in America nobody knows or cares about Eurovision (not necessarily a bad thing).

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