Thursday, September 18, 2008

Days of Woe

Oh, where to begin.
I could tell you about watching my meager savings steadily pulverize thanks to the unchecked greed of Wall Street and a Republican presidency that is criminally incompetent.
I could tell you about how seriously scary for us voting Democrat is the realization that we seem to be living in a parallel universe when it comes to hockey moms and Presidential candidates. We are trapped in a nightmare devised by people who have contempt for intelligence and we can't get out.
Let me remind you of the kinds of tyrants who seized power by having contempt for intelligence: the Nazis, Stalin, Mao, etc. Populism is fascism and that's the hell that awaits us if the American people don't think straight this time around. It seems that many Americans are so fucking dumb that they want to have presidents that are just as dumb as they are, just because they can connect.
I sure hope they all rot in the hell of foreclosure, insurance woes and poverty of mind and money and the final collapse of the American empire that will befall them for their stupid choices.
If after 8 years of the worst presidency in the history of this country, this country chooses to elect the same party, then they have what they deserve.
I insist, let's split up between the Elite country and the Reg'lar Folks country. I will stay with the elites. The rest can live happily ever after in their white trash talibanic dreamland for all I care. I can't bear this anymore.
The good news is I'm seeing Randy Newman tomorrow at Carnegie Hall. He will restore my faith in my lack of faith in humanity.

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