Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin Implosion

No matter how hard the Republicans try to spin and shield the American public from the truth with ludicrous charges of sexism (I bet the people who hate her most are women), it looks that the more Palin is in the spotlight, the worse a candidate she seems.
Her performance at the convention was plucky and convincing. Yet by the time her interview with Charles Gibson came along, she looked like one of those Caribou she loves to kill, caught in the headlights. She seemed scared out of her wits and trying to hold on for dear life.
Unless the American people are truly a bunch of unredeemable retards (which given recent opinion polls is not inconceivable), my first gut instinct about Palin imploding in the public eye as election season plods on may hopefully be true. She was a brash, idiotic, cynical, and dangerously irresponsible choice and it shows.

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