Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's APPalin'

There is absolutely nothing to be proud of if you are the parent of a pregnant 17 year old girl. NOTHING.
As a parent, you should be ashamed of yourself for not having taught your child how to take care of herself.
As my mom used to say to me at that age (and this is the best abstinence speech, or at least the most effective one, I ever heard):
"And don't you come crying to me if you get pregnant, you hear me? If you do, I swear I will break your teeth."
What can I tell you? It worked.
Oh, but the Republicans, those freakish monstrosities of nature, those spawns of Satan, they spin this moronic disgrace around and all of a sudden a preggers 17 year old is seen as embracing "life". Give me a fucking break.
It is nauseating.
Nobody is even talking about abortion. Goddammit, if you are old enough to fuck, you are old enough to use a condom. Because at 17, you are not old enough to have a child.
But what about those rumors about Sarah Palin faking a pregnancy? If they are true, then surely she can't be VP. She lied! And how! And lying and cheating just do not happen among the political class in this farkakte ass country. If the rumors are not true, I commend whoever Democrat came up with them. We are finally baring our Rovian fangs.

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