Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rebate on the Debate

Apparently, the John McCain campaign is convinced that the American people are totally stupid. They bust moves like the canceling of the debate with the pretext of that tiresome cliché, country first.
I would think that after this week's financial meltdown, Americans would be screaming for a debate in which finally both candidates could answer some hard questions about how they intend to deal with this debacle. But I guess I'm wrong. McCain said that Americans are tired of talk and of debates.
Of stupid, misleading, nonsensical blather like he and his pet pit bull barf out every time they open their mouth, we are tired indeed. Exhausted, addled, disgusted, depressed, and insulted by it.
But we were all looking forward to the first debate, which was very important because Obama was going to make mincemeat out of his opponent. We suspect that this is the real reason for the tarrying. And because we were hoping (quite irrationally) that at last we would hear concrete, human speech, thoughts, ideas, plans, as opposed to slogans, and jingles and hot air from both candidates.
But the torture and the humiliation of the American electorate are far from over.
Now, canceling this enterprise is no picnic. It's not like you cancel going to the movies with your buddy. Apparently, this event is costing Mississippi and Ole Miss $4 million. It has taken months to coordinate. The networks are not happy with having to reschedule. Security is a concern. And what about all those debate watching parties? (I was invited to 2).
To me, McCain's behavior is a classic example of bad leadership. He reminds me of those corporate bosses who act imperiously, by fiat, regardless of whether hundreds of underlings and others have toiled for weeks, regardless of cost, with no consideration for anything but their own image.
It makes him look like an unstable idiot, one could not possibly trust to lead this nation.

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