Monday, September 29, 2008


Ouch! Chin! Yikes!
And Happy New Year to you too, Congressmen. Thanks for the crunch.
Listen, I don't necessarily think that they had to give Mr. Paulson a blank check to bailout his cronies, but it hurts.
I've been thinking, just because Bush comes out and instills fear in the population (again) doesn't mean we have to go ahead and listen. We should not have listened to him in the first place. Nothing he has ever said has ever done this country any good, so why should the bailout be any different?
I'm losing my shirt, but my one consolation is that so are a lot of assholes.
Hey, we're all in this together, right?
Here I am, a person who doesn't have debt and who tries to save money and who does not buy what she can't afford, paying for the bunch of you addicted to credit. It pisses me off.
Here is how I feel, courtesy of The Motley Fool:

Although attention is being paid to "the taxpayer," I can't understand why more emphasis isn't put on the biggest victims of all, those poor suckers who:
  • Save money, even with no incentive to do so since interest rates are ridiculously low, and possibly don't even utilize credit card debt.
  • Rent and refused to buy overpriced homes with some cockamamie mortgage scheme, and have been waiting for a major price correction so they can achieve the American Dream the proper way.

I'm sorry, but they're really getting the shaft, even if their fiscal conservatism and cheapness just look so darn un-American to many people these days. You know, "the paradox of thrift" and all that. Add in runaway inflation from printing out money, and the potential for major tax increases to pay for our profligate ways, and these people are really getting the business.

The geniuses -- Wall Street and individuals -- who got us into this mess probably looked down their noses at these "infernal" savers and "cheapskates" for not tinkering with their own personal capital structures in a more sophisticated manner.
While we get out of this mess, and to forget our troubles, we baked ourselves a honey cake that still is not like the one my mom used to make, which was dark and rich. Mine is decent, but just not the same.
So I wish you readers, even if you are not Jewish, (you get to have two happy new years) a sweet, healthy and a good year. Eat your apples with honey and hope and wish for better days ahead (just don't hold your breath).

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