Monday, September 22, 2008

You must vote. Or else.

I have come across several people, liberals like moi, all males so far, that have informed me that they are not planning to vote come Nov. 4. They are going to be in London, there's no point voting in NY, they don't believe in the system, blah, blah, blah.
I'm imploring you, beseeching you, begging you, asking you, do whatever you have to do to make sure you vote in this election. It is mindboggling to me that anybody would plan to sit this one out, regardless of their political leanings*. But even worse, I consider it abject treachery if you are a liberal and you don't register to vote and vote for Obama. The fate of this country is in your hands and I will hold you personally responsible if disaster strikes. You should be banished to Alaska or to Florida, never to be allowed to set foot in a blue state again.
Basically, this may be the most important election in the history of this increasingly nutjob country and it is not only the right, but it should be the moral obligation of every citizen to record their choice for whoever is going to rule this debased land.
This election has got to have the most participation ever, regardless of who you vote for. Washington needs to see a mass mobilization by the American people to understand that we are not all lobotomized idiots who don't give a crap except for reality shows. We need to make ourselves heard and count.
Of course, if you vote for Obama/Biden and the Democratic party, your country will be forever grateful that you helped stop the precipitous decline of this once great nation.
If you vote for the senile crank and his lipstick with pit bull sidekick, you will get what you deserve and don't you start whining when the rug is pulled from under your sorry reg'lar ass.
Now get out there and register to vote.

*However, I cannot say I do not strongly encourage those people who find the old man and the bitch attractive to stay home that day and pay the election no mind. Be my guests.

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