Friday, September 12, 2008

Yuca Frita

I don't love yucca, but the yucca fries they serve at the Coyuco restaurant in Caracas ought to be considered the 8th Marvel of the World. They are crunchy on the outside and soft and mealy on the inside, salty but not too much. And you pour a green avocado and cilantro sauce unappetizingly called guasacaca over them and it's soooo good. Guasacaca tastes like green tomatillo sauce without the heat.
I could eat vats of yuca fries from El Coyuco. They may be the only reason I would consider spending more time in this city, which I loathe.
At a fancy Italian restaurant inside the ugliest mall anybody has ever seen I had the yucca gnocchi, and they were pretty good. The rest of the meal would not pass muster north of the Equator.
Venezuelans also have something called "golfeados", which is basically a cinnamon danish which has a slab of white salty cheese on top. It's pretty good, but I am flummoxed by the etymology. Why golfeados?
I learned today that Hugo Chavez expelled the American ambassador to Venezuela. He referred to us Americans as "gringos de mierda" in his speech several times. The Gringos then decided to freeze the assets (conveniently squirreled away at American banks) of two senior Venezuelan officials. Good move.
I also learned that people here like to steal orange traffic cones.
I'm just hoping a war between the two countries doesn't break out. But if I have to stay in Caracas, I'm having the yuca frita fries, every day.

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  1. katya6:21 PM

    if we elect McCain, then I agree with him. gringos de mierda.
    bring us back some yucca fries