Thursday, April 09, 2009

It's about time!

Obama has finally pledged to do something about immigration. Of course, all hell is breaking loose. People worry that this will be political suicide for him. Maybe, but something must be done.
Republicans and xenophobes scream hysterically about not allowing illegal immigrants to take American jobs. This is a huge fallacy. The jobs offered to illegals are designed for illegals. Not for American citizens, who expect at least the minimum wage and a benefit package.
You want the job of an illegal? You can have it if you are willing to work for bad pay, no unions, and no benefits. No recourse to the law either. Still interested? I didn't think so.
If we expect to curtail illegal immigration, instead of punishing these hardworking people, who are just taking opportunity where they see it (and isn't that the all-American mantra?), we should expect American businesses to stop employing illegals and start employing Americans.
And until this happens, everything else you hear is utter bullshit. It is so much easier to demonize the immigrants (and pretend the blatant racism is actually outrage at their illegality) than to call to task those businesses who profit from this state of affairs. However, these businesses could not survive without these low-wage, low maintenance workers, so what gives?
But Americans are the absolute masters of hypocrisy. As long as business is booming, it's simpler to persecute the workers and their families, and create social chaos, rather than address the issue pragmatically and intelligently, without an ideological agenda.
Go Obama. Good luck, buddy. You are going to need it.

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  1. I SO agree with you. I had a construction/design firm in Houston for 20 years. I often hired day laborers who told me of working for weeks on end and then not being paid one cent at the end of the job. Disgusting and not uncommon. Illegal workers are the most grateful, hardworking, dedicated people I've ever met - which ultimately led to my moving to Mexico eight years ago when I sold my firm.