Thursday, April 16, 2009

Solidarity, my ass

President Obama's visit to Mexico to talk about the stupid war on drugs should not be about solidarity.
What solidarity? You create the problem by having an insatiable demand for drugs, a totally useless policy against drug use that no one wants to talk about and easily obtainable firearms. And then you blame Mexico for everything. You have the gall to accuse Mexico of approximating a failed state. It is the height, not only of arrogance, but of willful denial. Mexico does not need solidarity. It needs America to either stop using drugs or to legalize drugs or to stop selling weapons as if they were socks. In no other country in the world are citizens considered to have a right to arm themselves to the teeth.
I've had it with the bullying. I hope Obama sends a message loud and clear to all of you stoners and cokeheads and drug users that you need to be aware that you are using drugs that are soaked in human blood.

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