Friday, April 24, 2009

What's with the Mexican Flu?

To judge from reports here in the US, Mexico City is undergoing a slightly apocalyptic swine flu scenario right now that has forced the authorities to close schools and universities and advise people not to be overly fond of each other as they greet. That is, no handshakes and no kisses.
I have always been a big proponent of the Oriental way of greeting, which is sans touching. It prevents many contagious illnesses, and it's very respectful and polite. I'd rather bow to you than get some horrid virus.
Mr. Ex-Enchilada reported that he had a horrible flu a couple of weeks ago. Maybe it was that?
I'm very concerned for all my loved ones, particularly the Mini-Enchiladitos. Everybody, please be safe.
The Mexico City health authorities are urging the residents to avoid great concentrations of people. As if! As my friend Anna says, in a city of 20 million plus, that's a challenge, to say the least. This basically means all public transportation which is always bursting at the seams with passengers, and Chapultepec park on weekends.
As always, probably the well-to-do will be able to keep their distance, and the rest, well, let's just say that if you are a Mexican manufacturer of face masks you are going to make a killing, so to speak.
Perhaps this is the revenge of all the Mexican piggies. Maybe all the cochinitos decided they had enough of becoming the most mouthwatering carnitas and tacos al pastor.
La Venganza del Nenepil. Revenge of the Chicharrones.
I can imagine that the jokes about the flu spread quicker than the virus.
I came up with one myself that cracks me up to no end, but it is not easily translated. "¡La están armando de tos!"
Meaning, they are making a big deal about it: armarla de tos is slang that somehow involves the word cough. As I said, there is no way this can be conveyed in English, but I think I'm a hoot.
I'm hoping this dastardly flu will leave my city alone (why doesn't it go and attack the Taliban? Oh, they don't eat pork. Bummer). So that maybe hopefully we can go down there in a couple of weeks and have some magnificent tacos de cochinita, cuerito, buche, nana y al pastor, surrounded by Mexicans in the bloom of health.

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