Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Perez Hilton and Miss America: Hell Froze Over

It's a momentous occasion, if not a once in a lifetime achievement, when somebody is so stupid that they make a Miss America contestant look smart. In this case, we have Perez Hilton to thank for:
a. Making Miss California look smart and articulate, despite her conservative views on gay marriage.
b. Hurting the cause of gay marriage.
This I know, my dears, not because I watch the contest, which I think should be banned on the grounds of toxicity to brain cells, but because I learned it from that purveyor of serious news, CNN.
As I was exerting myself to look like Miss America at the gym today, I saw Miss California's answer, which was to be expected. Did you think that she was going to say, "yay, Viva Gay Marriage and let's legalize drugs and impeach Rumsfeld and Cheney and send John Yoo to jail and stop harassing the immigrants and nationalize the banks?" It's the Miss America Pageant, for crying out loud!

This is a free country and that is how she feels. She is certainly entitled to her opinion.
But this moronic fat fuck, who was hired by the organizers, then had the gall to insult the contestant in the internet calling her a dumb bitch. If I were Donald Trump, I would rescind his paycheck (unless of course they are both enjoying the ugly free publicity at the expense of the gays).
Perez, pal, you are not doing any favors to the cause with your ugly, stupid, vulgar, bullying. Quite the contrary. It is way out of line to attack this woman for voicing her opinion, or for voicing the opinion that somebody coached her to say so she could eventually put a tiara on her head, cry a tear and wear a cape.
I saw an interview with her, where she said in an English more correct than Bush's or Sarah Palin's that she was going to pray for Perez and she felt sorry for him.
Oh honey, don't bother; he is beyond salvation, and not because he is gay.


  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    I think Perez needs to get a life.I always here how we need to respect others but it seems like the Christians are the ones who get no RESPECT.First, she was asked the question: if you are asked then you have the right to say how you feel, end of story.If you don't want the answer then don't ask the question.She sure answered very nicely.I think Perez is a very lost man who needs God.She is right to pray for him though because God said we should pray for even our worst enemy.Also, Brittney Spears & Miley Cyrus are a joke as well. Don't tell me you are a Christian in one breath & the next you support gay marriage because we are all God's children.We are not all God's children, I don't know what Bible you are reading but try reading King James 1611 and you will see that.If America supports someone like Perez then I must say I am ashamed to be called one!!! We as Christians must band together and not let this go on! We use to have morals but this just shows we are living in the last days! I kknow where I will be going and I cannot wait for the judgment to fall out on all of this immorality. The days are numbered and beware that none will escape judgement....

  2. Perez Hilton makes a shockingly quick transition from respectable pageant judge to vindictive media vulture