Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Take Me to the Pilot

Every time I come back to NYC on a plane, I notice that, as it approaches the airport, the plane starts spinning around New Jersey in a holding pattern. I don't like this. So this last time, coming back from Mexico City, the pilot makes the following reassuring announcement:
"Ladies and gentlemen, because of the high winds, the authorities at JFK decided to change the orientation of the runways, which means that we need to be put in a holding pattern for about 45 minutes (something like, while they figure their shit out). You will see planes above and below us. We will do our utmost to steer clear of these planes. "
Gee, thank you, man. Please go ahead and do your very utmost not to crash with another plane in mid-air while I'm sitting here, why don't you.
Frankly, I don't know what is better. The pilots who don't bother to tell you that you are going for a carousel ride as you can see Manhattan in the distance, or the garrulous ones like the above, which explain way too much.
In any case, we were given permission to land shortly after that and I just decided not to look out the window.

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