Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sore Losers!

Not to wish agita on anybody this Passover, but yesterday I was watching Jon Stewart cream the right wing nut jobs of Fox News who really have no sense of decency or shame, comparing Obama to a fascist or a communist or a Nazi. But as Stewart points out, and as everybody with a shred of common sense knows, these are the brayings of universally despised people whose support of harmful policies nobody believes in any more. These are the shrill protestations of pathetic, despicable, sore losers. They can't stand the popularity of our new president and they can't stand that he has restored dignity to this country. They are so cynical and craven that they probably don't even believe what they are saying, they just do it for ratings and money.
I am sure that most Americans know better. Obama's approval ratings show it, his reception by the soldiers in Iraq show it, his reception in the rest of the world shows it. The guy has been president for like 80 days and in that time he has worked hard to set things right. He has made some major changes. I respect him for that.
It took Bush eighty days to wrap his mind around a single sentence and then it never came out right.
So back off.

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