Friday, April 24, 2009

News from the Flu Front

Reports from the brave souls from the Enchilada Front Against the Flu in Mexico City: it's quite serious.
And I quote, without permission, from Small Enchilada:
Well, Enchiladito's party with 20 kids ended up being with 8 kids because we are being attacked by an epidemic of very rare influenza and the mothers didn't want to come (and I understand them). After trying to talk to my pediatrician or anybody who would let me talk to them, I asked our doctor if I could have the party and he said only outdoors and with a few kids. They had a great time! And I hope none of us get sick. The situation is really bad, they say much worse than we think*. And I don't doubt it. Schools will be closed indefinitely and people are already stocking up on groceries and we're all very paranoid.
A friend of the neighbor** knows the Secretary of Health and this man told them that one needs to be very careful because the thing is very pathogenic and lethal. That people are dying and they are young.
We'll have to seclude ourselves at home and wait. My friend works in a national institute and she says there is widespread fear among the doctors and researchers, that people are getting sick and dying.
In short, I'm thinking of getting out of dodge*** (maybe Ixtapan de la Sal?)
We'll be in touch...
*Classic Mexican thinking whether the fears are warranted or not.
** The way news traditionally spreads in Mexico, in tandem with the regular media.
*** Here she used an expression in Yiddish that basically references the expulsion of the Jews from Spain -- utter genius.

From Mr. Ex-Enchilada, also without permission:
The doctor says the pandemic is real.... He recommends that I avoid public transportation, restaurants, parties or gatherings, etc.... You know that all the museums, cinemas, theaters, public places are closed...
This is chilling. I am imagining Mexico City right now like the opening sequence of 28 Days Later. Eerie and extremely worrisome. I am not flippant about the flu any more.
Courage, my dear family and friends and the good people of El D.F.!
It seems that you are taking the right steps to avoid spreading contagion and hopefully this evil flu will fizzle out, unable to play tag, you're it anymore.

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  1. Dianna4:01 PM

    Hey Tell Enchiladito.. to not head out to Ixtapan de la Sal.. We call my mother in law yesterday and she said they had two deaths there... dice el chisme.. she lives in Tonatico... have him go there... esta mas bonito...