Monday, April 20, 2009

A Racist and Antisemite in the Racism conference

Of course only at the UN they have the bright idea to have a conference on racism and they invite that ignorant donkey, that uncouth asshole, the president of Iran, who uses it as a bully pulpit, the very conference on racism, to attack Israel and the Jews with the kind of repulsive slander that is the mark of antisemites everywhere; that new but often repeated canard that the Palestinians are unjustly paying for the consequences of the Jewish Holocaust, which is absurd and untrue. The Palestinians are suffering the unintended consequences of unabated Arab aggression against Israel since day 1. Their suffering is not only the fault of Israel. It has been compounded by their Arab brethren who use it for their own political purposes and with no discernible intent to really help them achieve independent, selfsufficient nationhood. The reality is that Iran does not give a real fuck about the Palestinians except to arm their terrorist groups and thus help continue the violence and their suffering. There is more volition for peace in Israel than in any of these hypocrites, who use the suffering of the Palestinians and the spewing of official antisemitism to distract their populations from their misery.
But curiously enough, this time around, many European envoys left the room en masse, because apparently even at a UN meeting there are some standards of decency. In this new world order where the intolerant forces of barbarism and obscurantism are unleashed, the worn and wearisome invective against Israel just does not work the charms it used to anymore.
Used to be, in the 1970's when the Third World was all the rage, that the UN could pass a resolution equating Zionism with racism, with many of those same European countries happily voting for such a thing. Those times are long gone.
Now most of the world knows who the real enemy is.
Anti-Israel tirades like this one today. What is their purpose? Are they designed to bring the region closer to peace? No. They are designed to sway the hearts of ignorants, and to fuel the hatred of the offended on both sides. They are ridiculous, (those disrupters wearing the clown wigs had it right) and they are poisonous.

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