Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Abuse of the honest

I got stopped by a policeman in North Salem, NY for speeding. I was speeding allright. He gave me a ticket. I was going 50 when I should have been going 40. I pleaded guilty as charged.
The fine is $50. Fine by me. Upstanding citizen that I am, I'm ready to pay for my offense.
So yesterday I get the official thing in the mail. My guilty plea was accepted and now it turns out that I have to pay $130 and they don't accept personal checks. Needs to be a money order or a certified check.
What, no credit cards?
Apparently, there is a mandatory $75 surcharge imposed by NY State. WWWWWTTTTTFFFFF?????
On the grounds of What is this surcharge? And if my math is correct 50+75 = 125, not 130. WTF?
Why should the State be abusive to those who break the laws? There is no reason for that. If the fine is $50, then it is $50. If they want to make it steeper they should, but what is this surcharge business?
It's abuse of the honest citizen.
I hate Albany.

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