Monday, September 17, 2007

Madonna is our new saviour

She is in Israel talking about peace with Shimon Peres. This is the new way the world goes. The Jews and the Arabs can't bring themselves to talk to each other, but rock stars are willing to do their part.
Apparently some Rabbis are objecting to Madonna's interest in Kabbalah, because she is a Catholic, even though she is now aka Esther. If the Rabbis are not going to do their part, it should be none of their business if some enterprising pop star wants to take the heavy, useless mantle of holiness away from them and actually do something useful. I'd love to know what conclusions Shimon and Esther reach in their spiritual talks. Perhaps through her divine intervention the problems of the Middle East will suddenly be solved.
There is something about incredibly wealthy celebrities looking for spiritual realization that really rubs me the wrong way. Don't really know why. It just does. I have to say, when normal people do it, it bothers me too, but celebrities get way too much mileage out of their piousness, whereas nobodies are just a pest to their family and friends. Still, I have to say, if they put it to good use, one should not complain. People are always going to make fun of Madonna and her latest mishegoss, and she can cry all the way to the bank or the little red thread wrapped around her wrist. At least she's not a scientologist.
I think it is high time Esther finally converts to Judaism. So all Jews can count her as Jewish and all the gentiles can complain about how Jews rule the world.

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