Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Honey Cake Crisis

Happy Rosh Hashana to one and all. To Jews and non-Jews (of the non Jew-hating persuasion. Jew haters can rot in hell today and forever).
Today I will buy a challah bread and some apples and will dip in honey. I will not attempt to bake my mother's wonderful honey cake, as I have in Rosh Hashanas past when I would suffer what was diagnosed as Honey Cake Crisis. This fleeting syndrome tended to happen a couple of days prior to the holiday in which I would want to commemorate the new year, not by going to temple and praying, God forbid, but by trying to have exactly the same honey cake my mother used to make. A futile notion, if there was ever one. No store bought honey cake could ever wish to get anywhere near my Mom's honey cake, which was dark and rich and moist. The recipes I found did not approximate it either, though one came close. I think the secret is that she used Nescafe.
So today, in order to avoid the malady, I will forgo the search and procurement of the Honey Cake, and will make do with Challah and honey instead.
May you all have a happy, healthy, peaceful, creative, joyful year.

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